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New Prime Rate as of December 15, 2022

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December 16, 2022 Category: Prime Rate

Effective December 15, 2022, the new Prime Rate is 7.5%, which means the presumptive rate per Administrative Order 17-02 is now 9.5%. For cases that are confirmed on or after December 15, 2022, and reference Administrative Order 17-02 for personal property secured claims, the rate to use is increased from 9% to

Trustee's Percentage Fee

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June 28, 2022 Category: Trustee Percentage Fee

While the Cleveland Office of the Chapter 13 Trustee continues to work diligently to keep the administrative fee as low as possible, we find it necessary to increase the administrative fee at this time.  A new administrative fee of 6% has been approved by the United States Trustee effective July 1, 2022.  This office will not seek dismissal of any case running beyond 60 months due to this increase in the

Warning: Scammer Alert

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June 07, 2022 Category: Scam

A Trustee’s office received a call from a debtor who said he had been communicating with the Trustee through text messaging and that the Trustee advised the Debtor that he was $1,500.00 behind on his case.  The scammer proceeded to tell the Debtor he would need to send $1,500.00 in gift cards. The debtor then used cash to purchase 3 gift cards of $500.00 each, scratched off the gift card sticker and sent pictures of the front and back of the gift cards through text message to the scammers.   The Trustee’s office found out about this when the debtor called to verify that the office had received the $1,500.00 payment.  By that time, the scammers had all the information needed to spend the $1,500.00 for on-line purchases.   The debtor continued to communicate with the scammers (after the Trustee’s office told him not to) and asked them to prove it was the Trustee by giving him names of people who worked in the office.  The scammers dropped some names of attorneys that we think they may have gotten from an internet search for local bankruptcy attorneys.   The phone number given to the debtor is no longer in service - not a surprise.  Additionally, Trustee's believe the same kind of scam could be perpetrated by the scammers pretending to be a mortgage company or servicer and claiming that the mortgage is behind.   Please remember:  the Trustee will never text, call or email a Debtor asking for payments to b

USTP Informational Notice of Emergency Rental Assistance Program

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October 26, 2021 Category: Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The widespread economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected both individuals and families who have fallen behind on rent, as well as landlords who rely on rental income to meet their own expenses.  As federal and state eviction moratoria expire, millions of American households could face displacement from their homes in the coming months.  This could potentially spur an increase in bankruptcy filings.   Through funding from the Department of the Treasury’s Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program, there are a wide variety of state, territorial, tribal, and local government programs that have been tailored to address the special needs of communities during these difficult times.  The U.S. Trustee Program (USTP) has partnered with the Treasury Department to help raise awareness about ERA in the hopes of helping individuals to avoid bankruptcy altogether or, at a minimum, better position debtors to exit bankruptcy successfully.    To assist in this effort and ensure that debtors are informed about relief that may be available to them, the USTP has prepared the Informational Notice (Notice) on ERA programs that is posted on our website.  The Notice provides an overview of ERA, along with links to learn about available options by state (and, in some cases, county), get answers to frequently asked questions, or find a HUD 11approved housing counselor, among other things.  It is available in both English and

Corrective Docket to begin again

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October 01, 2021 Category: Corrective Docket

Timely receipt of a Debtor’s most recent Federal income tax return has been an ongoing issue for the Trustee’s office for a long time.   In the past, when the Federal income tax return was not timely received by the Trustee’s office, the 341 exam would be adjourned to a “Corrective Docket” separate of the regular First Meeting docket.  Because this issue continues to be problematic, the Trustee is reinstituting the “Corrective Docket”.  Therefore, when this office does not receive the tax return at least 7 days prior to the 341 date, the 341 exam will not go forward.  Rather, the 341 will be adjourned to a date set aside for these exams.  If the tax return is still not provided at least 7 days prior to the corrective docket and the case is not funding, the Trustee will file a motion to dismiss.  If the case is funding, the 341 will be adjourned one final time, to the next corrective docket.  Subject to UST approval, the corrective docket dates will be September 1, October 6, November 3 and December

New Moratorium Forms

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September 02, 2020 Category: Moratorium Forms

The Trustee’s office is pleased to announce the creation of new forms to be used to obtain a moratorium of plan payments.  The forms can be found in the Library section of this website.  Notably the forms provide for a standard 3 month moratorium period running from the 1st day of the first month and end on the last day of the third month, addresses conduit issues and automatically provides for refunds to the debtor(s) if appropriate.  The standardized forms are not required, but they are intended to reduce objections and ease administration which helps everyone

341 Exams being held telephonically until further notice

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April 02, 2020 Category: General

Due to the current National and State Declarations of Public Health Emergencies, all 341 exams will be conducted telephonically until further notice.  The trustee’s office will initiate the call to the debtor’s attorney and the debtor’s attorney will conference in the debtor(s).  The attorney will be responsible, as an officer of the court, to verify the debtor’s photo identification and social security number.  Please provide our office the with the best telephone number to use for the exam.  Any creditor or other party in interest that wishes to participate in the meeting of creditors must contact Sandi Jenkins at 216-621-4268 x 131, or, at least 7 days in advance of the meeting so that arrangements can be made for

Accessing Attorney Fee Voucher Information

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August 23, 2019 Category: Accessing Attorney Fee Voucher Information

Beginning June 1, 2019, the Trustee discontinued emailing the case listings voucher that once accompanied ACH attorney fee payments.  This information is now being made available on the NDC website and can be accessed using your user credentials.  Once logged in, click “View Report” under Attorney Trustee Payment Report located on the Overview page.  This will then take you to the screen where the check number or EFT number can be entered to see your listing.  If you have any issues with viewing this report, please contact the NDC directly as the Trustee cannot access your

National Form Plan to be used in Cleveland beginning December 1, 2017

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December 22, 2017 Category: General

  The new national form plan will be mandatory in all cases filed on or after December 1, 2017.  Relative thereto, new Administrative Orders were posted by the Bankruptcy Court on October 31, 2017 and may be accessed at  A form confirmation order is expected to be posted in the near future.  General Order No. 17-1, has also been posted by the Bankruptcy Court relative to service of Chapter 13 Plans as of December 1

Employer Payroll Address List for use in Wage Order preparation

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June 02, 2017 Category: Employer Payroll Address

The Trustee's office has compiled a list of the payroll department addresses for various large employers in this area. Large employers with a regional or national presence commonly handle wage orders at a single processing location within the company. Please reference the payroll address list by clicking here or by going to the Library tab, then clicking on the Plan Payments section of this website to ensure you are using the correct payroll

Change in the distribution of the Chapter 13 Trustee's Annual Reports of Receipts and Disbursements

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January 20, 2016 Category: Annual Report Of Receipts And Disbursements

Beginning January 1, 2016, the Trustee's office changed the timing for the preparation and mailing of Annual Reports of Receipts and Disbursements. Annual reports will be mailed based on the anniversary month of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy case filing. For example, the bankruptcy case was filed in the month of May, the annual report will cover the 12-month period beginning May 1st and ending April 30th. If the case was filed in the month of October, the annual report will cover the 12-month period October 1st through September

For Attorneys Sending Documents to the Trustee

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January 05, 2015 Category: General

Debtor attorneys must use the Trustee's secure Document Delivery Portal for sending case documents and correspondence related to those documents to the Trustee. If you have not yet registered for the Document Delivery Portal, please contact the Trustee's office so that an invitation may be sent to you. You must use the invitation email for registering. You cannot register through the

Base and Unsecured Base

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September 12, 2014 Category: General

When reviewing Chapter 13 bankruptcy case information on the NDC (National Data Center) website, debtors, creditors and attorneys will see Base or Unsecured Base information. These fields are used by the Trustee to track the amount to be paid to creditors during the term of the bankruptcy

Online Payment Method

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April 30, 2014 Category: General

Debtors may make their plan payments electronically. This online payment method known as "ePay" is available through this website and replaces the need for personal checks, money orders or cashier's checks. Payments are directed by the debtor from his/her bank checking or savings account to the Chapter 13 Trustee in the amount and frequency determined by the debtor. If you are interested in taking advantage of this payment option, please click on the ePay button located on the homepage of this

Authorization for Electronic Funds Transfer

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December 04, 2013 Category: General

Creditors may receive their monthly disbursements via an electronic funds transfer (EFT) instead of a check through the mail. Chapter 13 attorneys may also take advantage of EFT for receiving their allowed attorney fees. To sign up for electronic disbursements, click on the Electronic Funds Transfer button located on the home page of this

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