Administering Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Ohio - Eastern Division (Cleveland), comprising Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake and Lorain Counties



Is this debtor’s case current in plan funding?
You may contact the Chapter 13 Trustee’s office or you can access this information through the Trustee’s Bankruptcy Link network at If you do not have access to this site, the Trustee’s office can assist you by providing you with an ID and password.


Does the Trustee pay according to the Proof of Claim or the debtor’s plan?
Except with respect to certain secured claims, the Trustee’s office pays creditors according to the filed Proof of Claim. Secured claims specified in paragraphs 3(B), 4(B) and 4(C) of the Form Plan are paid pursuant to the Plan. Claims specified in paragraphs 3(A), 3(C), 4(A), 5, 6, 7 and 9 of the form Plan (typically mortgage arrearages, ongoing monthly mortgage payments, various secured claims, domestic support obligations, other priority claims, and unsecured claims) are paid according to the filed Proof of Claim.


I am trying to refinance a debtor and need a pay-off figure.
In order to obtain a pay-off figure, you must mail or fax a written request for a pay-off to the Trustee’s office. These generally take seven to ten business days to process. Please be advised that before a debtor is allowed to borrow money or refinance a loan, the debtor must first file the required motion and supporting documents with the Bankruptcy Court and obtain the court’s authorization.


Bankruptcy Link says I should have been paid; where is my check?
Creditor checks are prepared by the Trustee’s office at the end of each month. Checks are then reviewed and mailed on or about the 10th of the following month. If you have not received a check and it is more than three weeks after the date Bankruptcy Link shows your check was dated, please contact the Trustee’s office.


What was the outcome of a court hearing?
This information may be obtained by directly accessing the Bankruptcy Court’s PACER system.


I have a new mailing address.
If you or your office has recently moved, be sure to take appropriate action with the Bankruptcy Court in order to change the mailing address on record in each case that you are a creditor.

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